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Christogenea Saturdays, August 1st, 2015: True Christian Communion Earlier this summer, on our recent five-week trip, we were invited to give an opinion of Christian Communion at a Wednesday Bible Study. Some meers of a certain church which is dear to us

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2020/2/20· Chapter 8. — Tested and Found Wanting Chapter 9. — Saul and Jonathan Contrasted Chapter 10. — Saul''s Foolish Oath Chapter 11. — Saul''s Kingdom Established Chapter 12. — Amalek Spared Chapter 13. — The Man after God''s own Heart Chapter 14

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Post Aug 07, 2007 #15 2007-08-07T16:49 Mike Brown claims in his books that Rashi (11th century) had a lot to do with the "modern" traditional interpretation of Isaiah 53. Other "Messianics" and christians have latched onto this conspiracy theory.

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14:08 Chabad Chassidus is an all-eracing world outlook and way of life which sees the Jew''s central purpose as a unifying link between the Creator and His world. Written by the Alter Rebbe, the founder of Chabad, Tanya is the central text of Chabad Chassidus.

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2020/8/13· Commentators will typically say that the one who is smitten with a rod upon the cheek (a metaphor for cruel humiliation) was the king of Israel. (Commentators are divided as to whether this was Hoshea at the time of the Assyrian invasion, or Zedekiah at the time

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Free Quran with explanations in 2014 (1435 AH). Free Koran in English for Jewish and Christian students and in English for Muslim Arabic students. The Free Qur''an is by Sam Voron VK2BVS Australia, 6O0A Somalia. Thanks go to God. Thank you to all who have interpreted the Qur''ān in the past. Questions about Islam and Al-Qur''ān from believers and disbelievers are very welcome.

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[1] Elsewhere in the Bible, the term "mas" means forced labor (BDB, p. 587).As Ehrlich notes, since Esther is a book that was composed quite late (relative to the other books of the Bible), it is more probable that the term is used here in the sense familiar to us from the Tannaitic period, meaning a tax or tribute paid to the ruler.

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2020/8/19· Chapter 8 [] 1 Yahweh said to Moses, 2 "Speak to Moses, and say to him, ''When you set up the lamps, the seven lamps should illuminate the area in front of the menorah.''" 3 did so. He set up its lamps facing in front of the menorah, just as Yahweh had

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Refuting Evolution—Chapter 1 by Jonathan Sarfati, Ph.D., F.M. Many evolutionary books, including Teaching about Evolution and the Nature of Science, contrast religion/creation opinions with evoluti…

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2009/7/21· What dose Islam and the Papal religion have in common? More than you probably are aware of. They both see the Holy Land as occupied by Zionists. Non of them have Jerusalem as the present center of their religion. And they both need to shift their throne of

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Beginning in the summer of 2015 Rabbi Bieler has been presenting a study of Trai Asar, a collection of 12 prophets whose books are relatively short as compared to the collections of prophecies of the more well-known prophets, such as Yeshayahu and Yirmiyahu.

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John chapter 8, Christ explains the same thing, they are not of us. Esau was a son of Isaac, but he race mixed with Canaanites. Esau is Edom, his children are the Edomite Jews.

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CHAPTER 8 Unsuccessful Attack upon Ai - Achan''s Sin, and Judgement - Ai attacked a second time and taken. (JOSHUA 7-8:29)THE conquest of Jericho without fight on the part of Israel had given them full pledge of future success. But, on the other hand, also


《John Gill’s Exposition of the Bible – Jeremiah (Ch.0~17)》(John Gill) Commentator. John Gill (Noveer 23, 1697-October 14, 1771) was an English Baptist, a biblical schola

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Shiur #08: Mount Moriah – Its Identity and its Name By Rav Yitzchak Levi A. Mount Moriah At the beginning of the story of the Akeida (the binding of Yitzchak), Avraham is commanded: "Take now your son, your only one, whom you love – Yitzchak – and go

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Hoshea 2:16 And it shall beH1961 at thatH1931 day,H3117 saithH5002 the LORD,H3068 that thou shalt callH7121 me Iyshiy; H376 and shalt callH7121 me noH3808 moreH5750 Baali.H1180 Hoshea 2:17 For I will take awayH5493 (H853) the namesH8034 of BaalimH1168 out of her mouth,H4480 H6310 and they shall noH3808 moreH5750 be remeeredH2142 by their name.H8034

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There is another way I might view the wrath of God…revealed from heaven against [my] ungodliness and unrighteousness, [1] a way more in keeping with my normal method of Bible study—superficially more in keeping with it. I confess that, Although [I] claimed to be wise, [I] became [a fool] and exchanged the glory of the immortal God for an image reseling mortal human beings… [2]

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6 In the ninth year of Hoshea, the king of Assyria captured Samaria and carried Israel away into exile to Assyria, and settled them in Halah and Habor, on the river of Gozan, and in the cities of the Medes.

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Shiur #08: Chapter 6 - A Floating Axe Head and a Blind Army Sefer Melakhim B Rav Alex Israel Shiur #09: Chapter 6:24- 7:20 - Siege and Salvation in Shomron Sefer Melakhim B Rav Alex Israel Shiur #10 Elisha''s Tears Sefer Melakhim B Rav Alex Israel

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Moses Breaking the Tablets of the Law by Rerandt, 1659 Moses is honoured among Jews today as the "lawgiver of Israel", and he delivers several sets of laws in the course of the four books. The first is the Covenant Code (Exodus 20:19–23:33), the terms of the covenant which God offers to the Israelites at biblical Mount Sinai.

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Post Aug 02, 2013 #1 2013-08-02T19:42 I have an ongoing relationship with many Christians who, deep down, grasp the work that I am doing, and encourage me to keep teaching the word of Hashem. Not all Christians, however, feel this way. Some have asked

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In my NIV in 2King 15:30 it states: ” Then Hoshea son of Elah conspired against Pekah son of Remaliah. He attacked and assassinated him, and then succeeded him as king in the twentieth year of Jotham son of Uzziah.” Then in 2King 17:1 it’s written: “In the

08 Chapter 8 Introduction 1 The Shunammite, having left her country seven years, to avoid the forewarned famine, for Elisha''s miracle''s sake has her land restored by the king. 7 Hazael, being sent with a present by Ben-hadad to Elisha at Damascus, after he had

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And Hoshea the son of Elah made a conspiracy against Pekah the son of Remaliah, and struck him and put him to death and became king in his place, in the twentieth year of …

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King So or Sib''e conspired with Hoshea, king of Israel. The time was the calendar year 722-721. The Assyrians quickly heard of it. Sargon dispatched his army to Israel. ''At the beginning of my royal rule'' (in 721 -- the accession year of Sargon) the Assyrian king

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A literary history of our most influential book of all time, by an Oxford scholar and Anglican priest In our culture, the Bible is monolithic: It is a collection of books that has been unchanged and unchallenged since the earliest days of the Christian church. The idea of

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GENTILES The term ''gentiles'' is derived from Latin, used for contextual translation, and not an original Hebrew or Greek word from the Bible. Latin and later English translators selectively used the term ''grntiles'' when the context for the base term ''peoples'' or ''nations

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17 Thus there were fourteen generations in all from Abraham to David, fourteen from David to the exile to Babylon, and fourteen from the exile to the Messiah. Joseph Accepts Jesus as His Son 18 This is how the birth of Jesus the Messiah came about []: His mother Mary was pledged to be married to Joseph, but before they came together, she was found to be pregnant through the Holy Spirit.