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These Swivel Joints are recommended for hydraulic control lines, mud lines, rotary, line connections, BOP lines, test lines, water lines, offshore wellhead connections, cementing, circulating hoses …

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Kill Hose,BOP Hose, Cementing Hose, Rotary Decoking Hose - Long Radius Circulating Loop Hose Product Description Introduction: Cementing Circulating Hoses are manufactured in various sizes (from 1 …

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1990/1/1· ~ 10 10-1 CEMENTING MATERIALS Before describing the design and function of cementing equipment, one must be familiar with the physical and chemical properties of the various cementing materials. A thorough discussion is presented in Chapters 2 and 3; however, a rapid review of the principal points is useful for this discussion.


How to calculate pressure anywhere…5 Let’s do a practical example, suppose you have a piece of equipment that requires 30 psig pressure at its inlet to function properly. This has happened to me, the equipment was a Voith Turbo-Cleaner and Voith specified that

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3-Speed 6m Max. Delivery Head 1 Year Guarantee Energy Rating: A++ 3.5m³/hr Q Max. Flow Volume 40W 1" BSP Connection IPX2D

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2015/2/19· 6 - Circulating 60 - Caught Between 61 - Slip 62 - Fall 63 - Strain 64 - Chemical Exposure 65 - Electrical Shock 66 - Fire Contact 67 - Cut 68 - Weather Exposure 69 - Vehicle 7 - Tripping 70 - Gas Exposure 71 - Sprain 72 - Heat Exhaustion 73 - Heat Stroke

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Accordingly, for a 30 C/km gradient, doublet costs can be expected to vary from $2 million to $4.5 million for fluids of 60 to 90 C, and over $6 million for 100 C. The probable cost range for other components of the geothermal system, including down-hole pump, above-ground pipework and primary exchangers is $250,000 to $400,000.

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60 to 69 Annual Revenue: US$50,001 to US$100,000 Annual Export Rate: 93% Products PME 2" 3" 4" 10K 15K Straight Pipe Assy High Pressure LP Union Flange Integral Connector 90 Elbow used for oilfield H2S service Cementing & Circulating Hose

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Air & Water Hoses Industrial & Utility Economy range (OGDR109/OGDR206); 12mm to 51mm Colour stripe and full colour for instant identifiion Green for water (marked water), Blue for air (marked air) 20 bar working pressure (4:1 safety factor) 20 and 30 metre

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The present invention is directed to an apparatus and method for reverse circulation cementing a casing in an open-hole wellbore. The apparatus includes a surface pack-off device, which has a housing defined by an upper section and lower section. A load bearing

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Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 Regarded for its high quality, the Grundfos UPS2 15-50/60 is a universal replacement pump. Directly replacing the old UPS 15-50 and UPS 15-60, it is ideal for tight-fit installations and can be fitted without disturbing the pipework.

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We have over 60 years experience in Peristaltic pumps, tube and hose pumps, sine pumps, liquid filling and OEM pumps 【PDF】Gates Black Gold® Cementing Hose (With Fluoroelastomer Gates Black Gold Cementing Hose (With Fluoroelastomer Tube) 15,000 psi W.P. - 22,500 psi Test 33,750 Minimum Burst OFFSHORE LAND RIG Certifiion

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While equivalent circulating density (ECD) will increase with high-speed drill pipe rotation, in cementing operations the low rotational speed of casing mitigates this effect. Landing casing is risky Transitioning casing from running to landing in the wellhead is a significant event.


60 60 70 70 58 55 58 40 40 Modulus @ 500%(MPa) ISO 37-2011 2.1 3 8.3 9.6 16.5 17.1 11 5 4 18 2.8 6.7 Tensile Strength(MPa) ISO 37-2011 23 26 29 28 23 23 23 7 12 20.1 21 21 Elongation at Break % ISO 37-2011 820 798 710 690 480 460 580 410 660 600


Swivel joints Forged Alloy Steel Body with Heat Treatment. Size Available in nominal size ¾”, 1”, 1 ¼”, 1 ½”, 2” & 3” Standard & H2S Service is used up to 6,000psi and tested at 9,000psi Suitable for High Pressure Appliion - Fracturing Cementing and Circulating

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Description The new UPS3 is a compact, high-efficiency replacement for Grundfos UPS and UPS2 15-50/60 circulating pump and many internal boiler pumps. It is suitable for domestic heating systems with boilers up to 30kW. Furthermore, just one model of UPS3

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American Block offers a complete line of drilling rotary tables that range from 17 ½ to 60 ½ . These tables are designed to withstand the harshest drilling conditions. All rotary tables feature a fabried frame, heavy duty main thrust bearing and precision machined spiral bevel gear that results in superior strength, toughness and durability.

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The following 3 methods may be used in performing a squeeze cementation: Spot and Squeeze, Straight Squeeze and Circulation Squeeze. 1. The Spot and Squeeze or Block Squeeze method is the term used when cement is spotted over the required interval and the squeeze pressure is applied afterwards in order to force or “squeeze” the cement slurry in the pore space of the formation.

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Products – MidwestHose Choke & Kill Red Hose Designed for burner, test, acidizing, cementing, fracking, high pressure jetting, and H2S operations. Used as a flexible connection (instead of pipe) between the riser and manifold or around the ball joint of offshore

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Welcome to 1502, your best source of high pressure Coflexip hoses, 1502 certified iron and test pumps. We are based in Brisbane Australia and will ship our equipment anywhere. 1502 is also associated with MaxTank, an Australian company focused upon providing highly mobile water storage solutions and large quality site offices in living quarters for the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors.

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- Fracturing, Cementing and Circulting Hoses, Acidizing, Choke and Kill Lines and Test Lines, etc. · Each product is serialized and pressure tested at 1.5 times NSCWP. · …

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A lifting top drive sub sea staging cement head in which cement slurry flows from outside into its central bore, thru a rotating swivel connection. The cement head has a rotatably indexable reservoir cylinder with multiple cells which may be loaded with balls, and/or

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60 60 1502 M x F 11 11-48 70 1502 M x F 16.23-5.5 60 80 1502 M x F 21.62 10.9 5.5 80 50 6 Cementing and Circulating Hoses, Mud Lines, Choke and Kill Lines and Test Lines, etc. * …

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Industrial Hose Pipe Fittings API Valves Cementing and Circulating Hoses Home Home About Us Products Cases Factory News Contact Us CopyRight @ 2018 Hebei Jingbo Petroleum Machinery Co.,Ltd +8631189849942 [email protected]

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Cementing & Circulating Hoses Christmas Trees Casing Connections Casing Protectors Coiled Tubing Stripper Urethane Pipe Roller Cradles - Sizes 6" through 60" Internal Pneumatic Line-up Clamps - self powered - Sized 16" through 60"

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Wing Unions ACT''S wing unions end connections provided in the cementing hoses ensure pressure tight and fast make up and quick break-out without threading, welding or special connections. Sour Gas Service ACT''S cementing hoses are available in various sizes and configurations for sour gas service as per NACE standards MR-01- 75 and API standard RP-14E up to cold working pressure of 15000 PSI.

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Recommended for hydraulic control lines, mud lines, rotary, line connections, BOP lines, test lines, water lines, offshore wellhead connections, cementing, circulating hoses and choke-kill lines. Features: Smooth rotation and movement without sacing strength and integrity of the steel Streamlines bore minimizes flow restrictions.